What is the main requirement for doing the legal steps for the property valuation process?

By working in partnership with others – local authorities, regional agencies, national government and commercial organisations – we can make the most of what we have. Growth requires us to know what the transformational impact of the arts is, and can be. Without evidence, we will always struggle to persuade others to find money for the arts – we may know that the arts can make people happier, healthier, more employable…but we have to convince our potential partners.

The main requirements for the legal steps performing in the property Valuations SA process are done in the right ways which is very easy for people to manage in the right ways. The main benefit is faced by people when there is the full surety for the legal steps conduction in the property valuation process.  Finally, growth is also about being focused, and directing resources to activity and places where they can have the greatest impact. It is about making the investment work effectively, and ensuring that the arts get what they need.

To this extent our developing work with the region’s cultural centres, the South East England Development Agency’s Area Investment Frameworks and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Growth Area initiatives, enable us to make strategic decisions, which are consistent with what other – often larger and richer – partners are planning. And, of course, we are also influencing those partners’ thinking, ensuring that the arts are recognised as essential to the lives and livelihoods of people in the south east.

The reason for the whole steps conduction is that the process is followed with the expert property valuer who knows the legal steps that how they are manage in the right ways. There is the full guarantee for the legal steps which is the performed with the property valuers. An earmarked £2.7 million will allow Pegasus to replace its 30-year-old building with a new arts complex, a flexible auditorium, studio and rehearsal facilities, artists’ workspaces and front of house café and bar. ‘Pegasus has ambition and vision, and this is a major investment and affirmation of Pegasus as a cultural leader,’ says the theatre’s general manager Simon Daykin.

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