There’s Big Money In property valuations

Unions decade ago on the back again of strong economic growth fueled by resources but I’m with Western Australia with over a hundred billion dollars with the racist resource projects set to commence next year all the songs a very positive for strong process Christ in Perth and certainly process growth in march to the other capital cities in Australia wondering how the resources sector will impact.

4on this joint housing market I think absolutely we’ve already seen the imp action the resources sector particularly in the small mining towns like the Bowen Basin or the Hunter Region the South Wales that the telegram which destroys on a really good example that is really-driven housing values operating and also a rental rates the economy is still jobs here income is still growing people still have the wherewithal.

the key issue our new buyers have to ask tonight is do they think they will be in situation themselves to fund a mortgage and in terms of the general economy jobs will remain there you still will Havoline the economy much healthier than in the past in the last recession ninety times the revision double-digit unemployment leave every just riding home actually home’s value most people don’t consider that during the last recession we had long years ago when we did have double-digit unemployment.

what we had massive interest rates going into it Australian housing the average housing held residential the put your mind at rest back in the eighties like ID’s there was double digit unemployment double-digit inflation a supply the Mac was hopeless and Ive smother in the parlance units when Palestinians nose-dived everywhere now there is no I’ve supply and writes a pretty much a start lies and realistically that’s as low as unemployment rises with saying it all adds up to you at least a steady marketing know the conference’s lie sorry unite now going but it’s looking pretty good yet know I think you’re right I think the fundamentals yes to a positive and on top.

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