The Business Of property valution

Just here for a minute soI’m more than half of the people thatthat checked in on where their last listing came from said it with came fromusserve influence her for all from a past client I think referrals from a plasticor wood work inthere would fall into working your speargive for soft just a high-level kindatalk to me about the idea work in your sparesee really well again this is just system so now that I live in a differentplace I have a job I don’t have a lot of time to yougot your message here column all talk about yesterday’sall that so we have a marketing system through market leader thatdoes a lot about and mentor quarterly it reminds us to get my callI answer typically someone from me Xinhua calland the script that uses they just say he you know bobbitt’s church itsI’m hartford Jermain.


Taylor Chi Minharchitecture my earlier today and he asked me to give you a call in just seehow everythingis gone with the house there on blah blah street that you bought a coupleyears agoI’m and this is just going to check in talk a little bit about real estate willget more markets that this is what did you know that inventories down theirprices up X amount this yearI’m and then just leave with you know you because of clients like you arebusiness grew last yearover a hundred percent we were named as a rising star also for Arizonairaqi in we’re also one of the top  teams solid so just wanna seethank you and also just remind you that at any time you know to me that’s akinto buy sellor invest in real estate just give us a call we would love to get great serviceto anyonesome way you do this once a quarteryeah we do week .

We have about fifty eight hundred people in our databaseso we structure at to wear work wire you know every time a team has a chunk aboutand they’re calling it a quarterly but he would you say your databases thatwe not not every one of those people you would consider your spearwould you like is there some difference between a guy that you saw the house tojust somebody you have in your database that you hope to sell a house toyes so anybody that we’re in two-way dialogue with that we considerif we column and they would know us by first name and that were in the realestate best pastwe call that part a first-year now then our spearalso drills down into you what we callE be days in a pluses so peas areexactly what.

I just met their match their people that know us that we knowthemeighties are people that have either done business with us or what dobusiness with usin a pluses are people that well like you there at the grocery store and theyhear that work real estatethey will like Sprint over hack  shopper business cards in their mouthandyou need to call him now and so does people will be like aplumbing dinner or will decline appreciation eventyou know we take a little bit extra characters people I don’t know how muchwe appreciate themwhat did you say of for means there yeah plumbing cuz it’s justnice take place so what we’ll do you like up a wine and cheese night thereand have ourare a plus guys over for dinner howdy look how do youhow to somebody becoming a plus like how do you get somebody theyou sold their house and what’s the difference betweenthe a-plus.

I get that that person right tackle buthow did you get somebody to be that a plushikes I think if all of us had you know twenty people out in our market thatwould justtackle somebody if they heard him talking about real estate and shoveJeremiah’s card in their mouthyou we would all be in a pretty good spothow do you get that person to that point it nowso that’s the key out was  percent over transactionslast year worst fear based and so the here’sis you have to tell them what you expected that and here’s the script forthatin you have to ask must agents never asked because they’re uncomfortable theythink its crest ask for business butforces were all sales people.

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