Short Story: The Truth About property valuation

Here in your prouder than you paid a lot of money porn I can underappreciated a lot of people don’t realize this but the average where you put ten thousand dollars into our home you’re only on average going to increase its value about to there’s a whole series of things that are considered to be maintenance items.  that have no increase in value associated with them like a new roof gutters downspouts citing problem electric priming tha7 sort of thing functional systems in the hall maybe I dunno why that’s good bad or indifferent but thatch what the market tells us any I think it was you last week Roger that said unjust because you maintain a home people expect the rough night all week people expect the first to be in good operating.

order and the fact that it’s six months old as i mean they’re gonna pay more for they just expected to be there they expected to work well what you get for your neighborhood where I’ll website at home burned by me when I had I’ll but not only that a little bit more valuable possibly what are you up are you a young family neighborhood you know that has no historical significance you know if you have a historical neighborhood neighborhood has historical significance it would be a negative adjustment okay.

heading up over at five to ten thousand dollars you lose percent and a half bath clip forty just got these numbers in here okay rule of thumb is that there’s a very significant difference between the cost of these item sand the corresponding increase in value generally not there too much Slideshow working out they look a little smaller me ship rather than the other way and I really thought yous rather yeah I know I was mad at myself for her okay here we go basement to rec.

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