How do valuers overcome the various losses coming in valuation?

The omission gives the unfortunate impression that pensioner poverty is not seen as a priority by the Government. There is an urgent need for debate so that everyone understands the progress of the Government’s approach to tackling pensioner poverty, and secondly so that younger people are able to think carefully about saving towards their future retirement. Age Concern congratulates the Government on its intention to inject big boosts into the funding of health care and social services. Age Concern is pleased that this latest report puts yet another spotlight on the need for major reform to tackle pensioner poverty both today and tomorrow. find out more : Perth Property Valuers

Our own recent research has found that only one in five people is satisfied with the Government’s record on tackling pensioner poverty. Any scheme that aims to guarantee a decent pension income is worth serious consideration, and we particularly welcome the proposal of keeping the pension in pace with average earnings. It is unclear as to how these proposals would apply to those who are unable to work due to factors such as caring responsibilities and disability, who also need to build up an adequate income for later life.

Increasing the basic state pension age would lead to a two-tier Britain where the least well off would be forced to work longer while those with adequate resources would retire early anyway. The priority should be to look at the position of the one third of people aged between 50 and state pension age who are not working, many for reasons of age discrimination, and so are prevented from making adequate provision.

However, we are extremely concerned that the review of the new care standards could be in danger of creating a two-tier system. To have a single room in a care home should be a basic right for any older person, essential to their dignity. Age Concern welcomes an extension to providing direct payments to a greater number of older people providing the initiative offers real choice and support.

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